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Program Highlights

"Building A Dream Home" will showcase the best, most unique and state of the art building materials, home furnishings, products and tools from manufacturers in the home building and interior design industries who's products or services have been selected to be featured on the broadcast and have met the producers' criteria for the show. In exchange for their participation, "Building A Dream Home" will provide each show manufacturer/participant with the following multi-media sponsorship package:

  • Three to five minutes of segment airtime within the national television broadcast "Building A Dream Home". Each episode will air on national television reaching all 230 DMA's here in the U.S. and millions more via satellite around the globe.

  • In an effort to make the show available to as large an audience as possible, "Building A Dream Home" will also be packaged for airing via streaming media on the Internet furthering the reach and availability of the show on a 24/7 basis.

  • In addition to appearing within "Building A Dream Home", each company's feature segment will be reformatted into a Video News Release {VNR} that will be distributed via satellite to over 750 domestic television stations providing these network affiliates with a copy of your feature segment for possible insertion within their nightly news broadcasts.

  • Videotape, CD-Rom and DVD copies of each manufacturers "Building A Dream Home" feature segment will be provided for their own promotional, advertising, marketing and sales strategies. Upon request, the raw footage shot on location can also be made available in the above mentioned formats.

  • Companies who are featured within "Building A Dream Home" will also be cross promoted in the show's marketing and advertising strategies that include commercial spots, print ads, news releases and feature articles in national, local and trade publications.

  • Each company appearing on "Building A Dream Home" will receive the normal promotional credit listing at the end of the broadcast.

The "Building A Dream Home" producers and staff will also handle and assist in the development of the creative platform, production coordination, talent, on-location shooting, and post production of each manufacturers feature segment for "Building A Dream Home".

"Building A Dream Home" brings our featured guests products, services, ideas and images to the world. For more information on "Building A Dream Home" contact us at 850.575.6344 e-mail us at info@buildingadreamhome.tv