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Welcome to the 2017 season of "Building A Dream Home".

For 2017 we begin our most ambitious project to date. The plan for the year's series is to follow the new construction of a 6700 square foot home (see plans) in Tallahassee, Florida into a state of the art, high end dream home.

"Building A Dream Home" will again showcase the best, most unique and state of the art building materials, home furnishings, products and tools from manufacturers in the home building and interior design industries that are selected to be featured.

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Advertisers who are featured on "Building A Dream Home" appear with the half-hour broadcast in detailed feature segments showcasing their products or services in the construction of the home with a unique focus on viewer education and product promotion.

This year's project is the next edition of the "Building A Dream Home" series, which since its first broadcast in 1995, has successfully organized and showcased over 500 of the most prolific manufactures in the building and design industry.

"Building A Dream Home" is produced by WTOY International Television Studios and is now celebrating it's 35th year.